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Designed to facilitate women's lives

The research and development centre with their physicians have developed a new solution of universal application to optimise the delivery of drugs by vaginal route.

Thanks to this new patented technology, validated by all our scientific tests, as well as the consumer tests, we are happy and proud to unveil our latest creation: V-Veil UPgyn, the 1st device that, thanks to its applicator and vaginal bag-shaped veil, combines simplicity, comfort and efficiency for the delivery of all drugs by intravaginal route.

V-Veil UPgyn



Formed of an applicator and an intravaginal veil, the V-Veil UPgyn device revolutionises female vaginal treatments. Thanks to this device, women can now apply ALL their medication at any time of the day more easily, while benefiting from maximum efficiency without fearing any leakages! Elaborated according to the standards applicable to medical devices, the veil with the applicator are free from dyes, perfumes, pesticides, and the individual packaging bags are hermetic. Subject to an evaluation procedure, V-Veil UPgyn was classified in the category of "CE" approved medical devices Class I.

This evaluation procedure consists of a set of tests on components:

  • Cytotoxicity,
  • Sensibility, 
  • Vaginal irritation (on 5 days continuously).

And the simpler tests (although just as necessary):

  • Absorptive capacity of the veil (1.6 g) [ Download the Test in PDF ]
  • Resistance to breakage upon the removal of the veil thread (64 N).

The companies that have performed these tests are SGS Courtray, Toxikon, and Namsa.

V-Veil UP meets the compliance requirements to be sold in Europe.


"Do you prefer the vaginal or the oral route?"
When doctors, gynaecologists, or pharmacists ask this question, most of the women reply that they prefer to take their medical treatment orally to avoid any discomfort and leakages that a vaginal application could cause.
However, the main disadvantages are not always the most visible...


Even if the oral route has the advantage of being convenient and "clean", it is less efficient. Before it could work on the concerned area, the medication has to be ingested, digested and processed and delivered by the liver into the body. Yet during the first-pass hepatic metabolism of the treatment, 75% of the active substance is also destroyed. In the end, only 25% of the active substance passes in the blood system to act locally.
Moreover, some oral treatments can have serious side effects, such as abdominal pain, diarrhoea, headaches, heartburn, or even nausea.


If doctors know that women seldom apply their treatments vaginally, they do admit that this route of administration, without a first-pass hepatic metabolism, is very interesting in terms of the medication's delivery. The vaginal area is highly supplied by blood and once the barrier of the mucous membrane is crossed, the medication goes into the inferior vena cava through the heart. While keeping the entire active substance, the administration by vaginal route allows the medication to act in a quicker and more efficient way. During pregnancy, some medications can also be administered vaginally when the oral administration is prohibited. However, if this administration route is little used by women, it is because they know that it is not always easy to apply or inject the treatment, and, most importantly, how unpleasant leakages and discharges can be!




For a treatment administered vaginally to be completely efficient, it must cover most of the vaginal cavity, and especially the upper part of the vagina that is closest to the uterus.
Up until today, there was not a single treatment and there was no applicator that would allow to achieve this, because, a few minutes after application, the treatment would succumb to gravity, heat, and moisture.
The intravaginal veil V-Veil UPgyn holds the treatment in the upper part of the vagina, where it is the most efficient.



The wall of the vaginal cavity is a mucous membrane that comprises crevices and small, accordion-shaped sinuous folds. The optimisation of a treatment by vaginal route is also achieved through the optimisation of its contact surface. The intravaginal veil V-Veil UPgyn, while covering the vaginal cavity, allows to increase the contact surface between the treatment and the crevices of the vaginal mucosa. The treatment and its active substance therefore can cross much easier the mucosal barrier.



"Why not use a tampon after inserting medication, is it not the same thing?"
When used together with a vaginal treatment, the tampon, in just a few minutes, will perform its main function, which is to absorb. The active substance of the medication will therefore be absorbed by the tampon and will no longer be in contact with the mucous membrane. In scientific language, this is a phenomenon that we call "aDsorption".
The new intravaginal veil's function is not to absorb the treatment. Its composition and molecular structure maintain the treatment in contact with the vaginal wall to prevent any leakages.



V-Veil UPgyn
Applicator with No Leakage System:
the applicator system allows to gently inserting and optimises intravaginal treatments thanks to this new anti-leakage veil adaptable for:
  1. Ovule, vaginal suppository,
  2. Cream in mono-dose tube,
  3. Jelly in a tube with its dispenser applicator,
  4. Prefilled vaginal syringe
And once inserted, the V-Veil-Upgyn veil prevents leakage of the drug, even during menstruation.
Caution: In case of products to be applied, follow all package leaflet recommendations of the concerned product.
  • See also the special model for women suffering from vaginal atrophy.


The intravaginal V-Veil-Upgyn veil is inserted in the vaginal cavity at the beginning or end of the menstruation to maintain small flows on the veil, without adhering to the vaginal wall.

  • See also the special model for woman suffering from vaginal atrophy.

Cross-section drawing of the V-Veil-Upgyn Veil.


Diagram of the intravaginal V-Veil UPgyn veil: The bag-shaped veil contains the applicator and on one of the faces there are the double withdrawal strings which are fixed and resistant to a traction of 50N to remove the veil from the vaginal cavity.


How to use V-Veil UPgyn ?

Ultrasimple and comfortable use and images with some recommendations for the following indications:


V-Veil UPgyn for blood leakage
  1. Find a position that is most comfortable for you, and gently insert the V-Veil UPgyn.
  2. IT MUST BE PLACED DEEPLY INSIDE, until it reaches the back of the vagina. 
  3. Remove the applicator or the vaginal syringe WHILE TAKING CARE NOT TO PULL THE REMOVAL STRINGS OUT. Discard the applicator or the vaginal syringe. 
  4. The strings should hang freely outside of the vagina. If the V-Veil UPgyn is correctly inserted, you should not feel it.
  5. To remove V-Veil UPgyn, gently pull the withdrawal strings. The veil catches any leakages of the treatment present on the vaginal wall.




To women who:

  • have fever or flu-like symptoms, even if these are mild,
  • have already suffered from the toxic shock symptom, (see Glossary)
  • have an allergy to plastics and derivatives,
  • have an allergy to cotton,
  • are under 15 years, without their parents and medical staff's consent,
  • have not read the instructions included in the packaging.

Use these products as instructed in the information leaflet and as per the provided indications and restrictions, which may vary from country to country.
Caution: In case of products to be applied, follow all package leaflet recommendations of the concerned product.
For more information, V-Veil strongly recommends our users to speak with their gynaecologist, medical doctor, or pharmacist.

How to use V-Veil-UP-atro

We also have our V-Veil-Up product, which will soon be renamed "Up-atro".

V-Veil-Up atro



Cross-section drawing of V-Veil-Up:




Diagram of the intravaginal V-Veil UP veil: part of the veil, maintained by the withdrawal strings, is contained in the applicator:


 The V-Veil-Up or soon the "Up-atro" is very suitable to:

  1. Women suffering from vaginal atrophy, requiring an atraumatic applicator to insert the ovule or the cream.
  2. And at the beginning and end of very light menstruation.





The use of the anti-leakage V-Veil-Up veil is very easy, as it folds onto itself without irritating or traumatising the vaginal wall and pushes the ovule, which is a little greasy, favouring thus the insertion. 




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