V-Veil UP

V-Veil-UP (Creme, Jelly and Soft-capsule Applicator) x6

Ref. : VvU6Frxx

V-Veil-UP allows you to apply and diffuse, without any leakages, your intravaginal treatments (vaginal soft-capsules, creams or jellies) during your menstrual cycles.

This innovative feminine intimate product is a medical device and has the CE marking.

To use this product, please observe the provided recommendations for use.
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Vaginal treatment applicator with No Leakage Veil System: for the application of intimate jellies or creams, and the insertion of soft-capsules.

The intravaginal veil V-Veil-UP is a medical device and has the CE marking.

V-Veil-UP allows you to apply and diffuse with no leakages your intravaginal treatments during your menstrual cycle.

PACKAGING: Box of 6 single-use devices.


Place your fingers at the end of the applicator, or on the grip area. Firmly hold the applicator while making sure NOT to crush it.
Apply the cream or the jelly, or insert the soft-capsules in the cavity that is formed by the veil.
Soft-capsule: Depending on the size of the soft-capsules, it is possible that a large part of the soft-capsules remains outside the applicator, but this should not pose a problem for you, however, you must pay attention not to spill it.
Cream or jelly: Depending on the amount of cream or jelly that you must insert into the vaginal cavity, it is possible that the initial cavity is not large enough, but it is not a problem if the cream or the jelly is also applied on the upper part of the veil.
Important: Relax your muscles and find a position that is most comfortable for you.
Gently insert the V-Veil UP and its applicator. Keep pushing gently the V-Veil UP and its applicator until the grip area. The removal strings should hang freely outside of the vagina. See the anatomy picture illustrating the correct positioning of the applicator. If the V-Veil UP is correctly inserted, you should not feel it.
Caution: To remove the applicator, gently pull the applicator by the strings, while taking care not to pull the strings out from the applicator. Dispose of the used applicator with your normal household waste.
The V-Veil UP can be easily removed by gently pulling the strings.

Recommendations and tips:

  • This medical device applicator cannot and should not remain in the vagina for more than 30 minutes.
  • Dispose of the V-Veil UP with your regular household waste.
  • Never flush the V-Veil UP down the toilet.
  • Use these products as instructed in the information leaflet and as per the provided indications and restrictions.


V-Veil-UP applies and diffuses without any leakages your vaginal treatments, such as creams, jellies or soft-capsules, thanks to its No Leakage Veil System.


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Story of V-Veil UP & UPgyn

1. V-Veil-UP use
2. Insertion of a soft-capsules
3. Application of creams or jellies
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