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Subscription Packages

V-Veil-Shop offers you several subscription packages*

You no longer have to worry about your purchases: you will receive your products on the date of your choice, straight into your mailbox, and at the address you chose**.
After selecting the product you wish to purchase, click on "ADD TO CART" to place a traditional order, or on "SUBSCRIPTION".
Your order will be renewed as you chose.

1. Select the "Frequency":

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly (see the example)
  • Half-yearly


> You will receive your package according to your selections, namely every month, every 3 months, or even every 6 months.

Smart Tip : The 3-month option is the best choice for the V-Veil products, and in particular for the "end of periods" products, as, in this case, the consumption is low and you will avoid any out of stocks.

2. Select the "Duration":

This is the number of orders that you will receive (for example, 1 shipment every three months, that is 4 shipments in total during an entire year).
Note: To avoid any payment delay, please check your credit card expiry date.

3. Confirm your selection

Click on "ADD TO CART", and your order and the selected subscription package will be saved to your CART.
> To complete your purchase, all you need to do is follow these last few steps.




*  Information on our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
** The shipping address may be changed at any time during the duration of your subscription.

While saving, you will also make sure that your monthly box of V-Veil is in our shop!



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