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In accordance with the Cypriot law on data protection, V-Veil-Shop Limited makes available to all our Customers our data Protection Policy on our on-line sale Website at

When visiting our Website available at, we will request some information, through questionnaires or forms, in order to create your Customer account and, for example, to process your orders.
All the nominative information is treated, as a matter of principle, as confidential information. All information demanded, marked by an asterisk, is mandatory and is required for the creation of your account or for the processing of your orders. The validation of your request or the creation of your account will be performed only after you had filled out all the mandatory fields, since otherwise V-Veil-Shop Limited will not able to process your order.
All the collected information is used only by V-Veil-Shop Limited.


All the data is stored on an offsite database. The server is hosted by our service provider, and it is only V-Veil-Shop Limited that uses this data. Our service provider has restricted access to this data in order to perform the maintenance services or the updates. Under any circumstances shall our service provider use or benefit from the data existing on this database.

The data is, if applicable, distributed to the economic information department for the customer's risk assessment and creditworthiness analysis.

As part of the data processing, the protection of your legal interests is taken in consideration in accordance with the provisions in force. You can at any time oppose the use and/or the communication of your data. When receiving your request, we shall process it at the earliest possible date.

You may forward this request at:

V-Veil-Shop Ltd
Consumer Service
Makariou & Agias Elenis 36,
Galaxias Bulding, Office 502,
1061 Nicosia

Your order shall contain at least your name and surname, your address and your email address.
Following the processing of your request, we shall cease to send you any advertising material and/or samples of any kind and/or we shall proceed to delete your account.
Please note that, for companies, the closure of the account shall take effect only after the payment in full of any outstanding amount.

At any time, in our Customer Area, under the "My Information" section, you can access and change your personal data. Amongst others, under the section "My Information" you can manage the acceptance of gifts or promotional emails.

Should you need more information on the processing of your personal data, please contact our company by mail at this address:
You may forward this request at:

V-Veil-Shop Ltd
Juridic Service
Makariou & Agias Elenis 36,
Galaxias Bulding, office 502, 
1061  Nicosia

When visiting our Website, a cookie will be automatically installed on your computer. Please note that a cookie does not identify you, but it saves information on your browsing that we can read during your future visits.

The use of such data is strictly anonymous and we process this data for statistical purposes only.

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