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1 - Scope

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall apply, without restrictions or reserves, to all the sale transactions performed by V-Veil-Shop Limited, headquartered at Makariou & Agias Elenis 36, Galaxias Bulding, Office 502, 1061 Nicosia, Cyprus (Identification Number 12318698M), with non-professional buyers who wish to purchase the products offered for sale by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. on its Website at, in particular, feminine hygiene products, which are considered medical devices, bearing the CE marking, and other accessories for women.

Placing an order on the Website of V-Veil-Shop Ltd. constitutes full observance and acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, which is expressly acknowledged by the Customer, who waives the use of any contradictory document that shall be deemed enforceable onto V-Veil-Shop Ltd.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale can be accessed at any time on this Website and, if applicable, shall prevail over any previous version or any other contradictory document. The Customer has the right to save, edit or copy these General Terms and Conditions, it being noted that as long as this operation of save, edit, or copy of this document is under his/her sole responsibility, these General Terms and Conditions may be subject to change. In this case, the applicable conditions shall be those in force at the date of the order.

The amendments to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall have legal effects on the users of the Website on the date they are uploaded on-line, and shall not apply to previously concluded transactions.


2 - Orders

The Customer is responsible for selecting on the Website the Products he/she wishes to order, in accordance with the following terms and conditions.


2.1 - Website navigation

The Customer can acknowledge the various Products offered for sale by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. on its Website. The Customer can freely browse the various sections of the Website, without any commitment on his/her part in terms of placing an order. The Product offers shall extend while stocks last, or until the date indicated for new products.


2.2 - Registration of an order

If the Customer wishes to place an order, he/she shall select the various Products of an interest to him/her and shall express such interest by clicking on the option Place the order.

At any time, while on the Website, the Customer shall be able to:

  • obtain the details of the Products he/she selected by clicking on My Cart;
  • continue his/her selection of Products by clicking on Continue my shopping; 
  • finish his/her selection of Products and place an order of Products by clicking on Place the order.

In order to Place the order of the Products he/she has thus chosen, after clicking on Place the order, the Customer shall login on the Website, either by typing his/her email address and confidential password, if he/she already has an account, or by clicking on Create my account to open a new account. In this case, the Customer shall accurately fill out the form made available to him/her with the information required for his/her identification, in particular his/her name and last name, and postal address (including the country). Furthermore, the Customer shall enter his/her email address and a password of his/her choice, that he/she shall keep confidential, and that he/she shall be required to enter in order to login onto the Website in the future. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the entry of these two credentials is considered the proof of his/her identity, and he/she expressly agrees to this.

Once the Customer is identified, he/shall need to confirm the shipping address. A purchase order shall be displayed on the screen with the following information: the nature, quantity and price of the Products held by the Customer, and the total amount of the order, the address of the Customer, the Products' delivery deadline, and the Products delivery address. The Customer can correct any errors on this screen before conforming the order. If such is the case, a new purchase order shall be automatically edited.

2.3 - Final confirmation of the order

After acknowledging and accepting the purchase order, and once all the required information is entered by the Customer, the latter shall select the case to accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale: "I have read and I fully accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale in force at this date", and then he/she shall need to click on "PAYMENT FOR MY ORDER". This second click constitutes an electronic signature. This signature has the same value between the Parties as the handwritten signature. The purchase order shall be recorded in the electronic registers of V-Veil-Shop Ltd., which are saved on a reliable medium, and it shall be considered proof of the contractual relationships concluded between the Parties.

The Customer shall be able to select the payment method of his/her choice, from those provided by V-Veil-Shop Ltd., and shall proceed to the payment of the Products under the terms and conditions laid down at Article 5.


2.4 - Overview of the order

After he/she has confirmed the payment method on the Website (if applicable, accompanied by the number and expiration date of his/her credit card), an overview of the Customer's order displays on the screen with the number of the transaction. The sale shall be considered final only after the display of the order by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. that is the order acknowledgment message. It shall then be sent to the email address entered by the Customer during registration with a message with information on his/her order.


2.5 - General provisions

Unless provided otherwise, the data stored by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. constitute the proof of all the transactions.

In any case, V-Veil-Shop Ltd. reserves the right to refuse any order or shipment in case of: (i) existing litigation with the Customer; (ii) partial or full non-payment of a previous order by the Customer; and (iii) refusal of payment authorisation by banking card by the banking institutions. V-Veil-Shop Ltd. shall not be held liable in this case.


3 - Availability of the Products

The Product offers available on the Website are only valid while stocks last. In case the Product is not available after the Customer places his/her order, V-Veil-Shop Ltd. undertakes to inform the latter of such occurrence within the following 5 days and to indicate him/her the delivery waiting period of the ordered Product. If the Customer wishes so, he/she can cancel the order (reimbursement by banking payment) or change the order by contacting V-Veil-Shop Ltd. by mail.


4 - Prices

The Products are sold at the applicable prices indicated on the Website during the registration of the order by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. All prices are in Euro and include VAT. However, the displayed prices do not include any processing or shipping and delivery fees that are invoiced separately.

The company V-Veil-Shop Limited reserves the right to change the price of any of the subscription packages after the first contractual year, or when public taxes, such as the value added tax (VAT), salary expenses, or materials costs, or any other external costs have increased. Significantly high price increases (more than 20%) in the general cost of living during the corresponding period of time give the Customer the right to cancel the agreement in witting or by email within four weeks.

The price indicated on the purchase order prepared by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. is the final price and includes all processing, shipping and delivery fees.

The payment shall be considered made only after the actual collection of the amounts by V-Veil-Shop Ltd.

An invoice of the ordered Products is prepared by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. and made available to the Customer under the section My Account.
V-Veil-Shop Ltd. shall not proceed to the shipping and delivery of the Products ordered by the Customer if the latter does not pay the entire amount of the price under the terms and conditions above. The payments made by the Customer shall not be considered final until the actual collection by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. of the due amounts.


5 - Payment conditions

The price is payable in cash in full on the day the order is placed by the Customer, by secure payment, as follows:

  • by bank card

The Customer shall click on the currency, if this option is available to him/her, and on the payment method of his/her choice, and then on OK.

If the Customer wishes to pay for his/her order by bank card, he/she need to enter the number and expiration date of his/her bank card, as well as the security code of this card (the 3-digit number on the back of the card). When selecting the immediate payment by bank card, the Customer shall then be automatically directed to the payment server of the bank of V-Veil-Shop Ltd. The security of the bank's server is ensured by the company INGENICO Payment Services so as to secure in the most efficient way possible all information regarding the payment methods. The Customer acknowledges that at any time his/her banking information shall not be transferred to the computer system of V-Veil-Shop Ltd., that shall be held liable for any possible fraudulent use of the banking information of the Customer. The Customer shall confirm the secure payment by clicking on "YES, I CONFIRM THE PAYMENT".



The duration of the subscriptions is split up in months, in quarters and in 6-month periods, and the Customer him/herself selects the renewal periods, and he/shall confirm them as detailed below.

After selecting the product you wish to purchase, click on "ADD TO CART" as when placing a traditional order, or click on SUBSCRIBE, and this order shall be renewed according to your choice.

  1. Select the Periodicity:
    Every 6 months
    You shall receive your packages in accordance with your selection, that is monthly, every 3 months, or every 6 months.
  2. Select the Duration.
    That means the number of orders that you shall receive (the example below shows that you shall receive 1 package every three months, for a total of 4 packages during an entire year).
    Please note that the only issue could be the expiry date of your credit card.
  3. To confirm your selections, click on ADD TO CART, and your order with the selected subscription option shall be added to your CART. To complete the purchase process, please proceed to the next steps.


7 - Shipping and delivery

V-Veil-Shop Ltd. undertakes to make its best efforts to deliver the Products ordered by the Customer within 3 days. However, the delivery timelines are indicated for information purposes only, and any possible extension shall not give rise to any claim for damages, or to the cancellation of the order by the Customer.

Furthermore, if the ordered Products have not been delivered within 8 days following the standard date of delivery, for any other event other than a Force Majeure event, strike of the transportation sector workers and/or of the postal service workers, the order can be cancelled by written request by the Customer or by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. The amounts paid by the Customer shall be return to him/her by wire transfer within 30 days, with the exception of any compensation or withholding.

Except in particular circumstances, or when several products are not available, the ordered Products shall be delivered in one single package.

The Products shall be delivered by the regular postal service or by the carrier. V-Veil-Shop Ltd. shall not be held liable for any significant delivery delay due to the postal service or the transportation means.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to check the status of the delivered Products. The Customer may lodge a written complaint for non-compliance or faulty Products, accompanied by any and all related supporting documents within 14 days following the delivery. After this timeline, and in case these formalities are not observed, the Products shall be deemed compliant and free from defects, and no complaint shall be validly accepted by V-Veil-Shop Ltd.

V-Veil-Shop Ltd. shall replace as soon as possible, at our expense, the delivered Products whose defects and non-compliance have been duly demonstrated by the Customer


8 - Transfer of ownership - Transfer of risks

The transfer of ownership of the Products of V-Veil-Shop Ltd. to the Customer shall be completed only after the payment by the latter of the indicated price, no matter the delivery date of such Products.




Within fourteen days, you have the right to cancel this agreement, without stating the reason.

The withdrawal period is fourteen days starting the date when you received the delivered Products, or the date when you have appointed a third party, other than the carrier, to receive your delivered products.

In order to exercise your withdrawal right, please contact to inform us of your decision to cancel this agreement (e.g. by mail, or by email):

V-Veil-Shop Ltd
Customer Service
Makariou & Agias Elenis 36,
Galaxias Bulding, Office 502,
1061 Nicosia

You can also use for this purposes the template withdrawal form, attached in the Appendix, but this is not mandatory.

To comply with the withdrawal timeline, you only need to forward us the notice on the exercise of the withdrawal right before the expiry of the withdrawal period.




If you chose to cancel this agreement, we shall reimburse you all the payments you have made, including the shipping fees (except for the any additional due fees for the selection of a shipping method other than the cheapest standard shipping method that we offer), right after and no later than fourteen days following the date when we have received your cancellation notice of this agreement. For this reimbursement, we shall use the same payment method you have used for the initial transaction, except where other arrangements have been expressly agreed with you. No fees shall be charged to your account for this reimbursement. We have the right to refuse such reimbursement until the returned Products arrive to us, and until you provide the proof that you have returned the Products, whichever occurs first. 

You must return the Products immediately, and, under any circumstances, no later than fourteen days starting the date of your notice to cancel this agreement sent at the following address:

V-Veil-Shop Ltd
Customer Service
Makariou & Agias Elenis 36,
Galaxias Bulding, Office 502,
1061 Nicosia

or to the following email address:

This period shall be deemed observed if you send the Products before the expiration of such period of fourteen days. 

You only need to pay for any possible loss of value of the Products if this loss of value is caused by the use of the products by you, and if this use was not required to monitor their compliance, features, and operation.


10 - Obligations of the Customer


V-Veil-Shop Ltd. reminds that non-emancipated minors are not able to conclude agreements. Consequently, all orders made by minors must be approved first by the person invested with parental authority.

The Customer must use the Products in accordance with the instructions attached to the Products, and he/she must accept and observe all restrictions and constraints. (To view a Product's instructions before placing the order, under the Product description, click on "To see these instructions on a .PDF, click here: ".



11 - Responsibilities of V-Veil-Shop Ltd. - Warranty


The Customer alone is responsible for the selection of the Products, their storage and their use.

The Products provided by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. benefit, in accordance with the legal provisions in force, from the following:

  • a guarantee of compliance,
  • a warranty against hidden defects caused by the material and design, or against a manufacturing defect that affects the Products delivered and renders them unfit for use.

Any warranty is excluded in the case of improper use, negligence or lack of maintenance by the Customer, such as in a Force Majeure event, and the warranty provided by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. is limited to the replacement or reimbursement of the non-compliant or faulty Products.

In order to enforce his/her rights, the Customer, under penalty of loss of any related rights, shall need to inform V-Veil-Shop Ltd. in writing of the existence of any defects within one month after the discovery of such defects.

V-Veil-Shop Ltd. shall replace the Products deemed faulty.

All pictures and illustrations accompanying the Products on the Website shall not bear any contractual value and shall not involve the liability of V-Veil-Shop Ltd.

V-Veil-Shop Ltd. shall not be held responsible nor at fault if they prove that any delay or failure to perform is the direct effect of a Force Majeure event, usually recognised by the Cypriot case law, or that is due to the Customer or to another unpredictable and insurmountable event due to a third party.




(1) In case of non-fulfilment of an obligation by V-Veil-Shop Limited, its subcontractors or intermediaries, the responsibility for damages is excluded.

2) Independently from the exclusion of the liability, pursuant to paragraph 1, the following rights shall remain in force:

  • the rights of the purchaser or of the persons benefiting from the protective effect of the agreement as per the case law in case of injury to life, limb, or health;
  • the rights of these persons in case of violation of essential obligations having cause patrimonial damages. The extent of the responsibility is however limited to usual and foreseeable damages; and 
  • the rights arising from the law on the manufacturers' liability.

(3) If a damage is caused by the fault of V-Veil-Shop Limited and by the fault of the user of this Website, the joint responsibility shall be borne by the user alone.

(4) Even if V-Veil-Shop Limited gives access to other websites though links, V-Veil-Shop Limited shall not be held liable for the content displayed on such external websites.

V-Veil-Shop Limited denies any ownership of the contents of these external websites. Insofar as V-Veil-Shop Limited is aware of the illegal content of such external websites, V-Veil-Shop Limited shall then immediately block the access to these websites.


13 - Information technologies and freedom


It is reminded that the nominative information required from the Customer is required for the processing of his/her order.

In accordance with the national and European regulations in force, the Customer has the right to permanently oppose, access, change, and edit information in his/her respect by contacting us at the following address:

V-Veil-Shop Ltd
Customer Service
Makariou & Agias Elenis 36,
Galaxias Bulding, Office 502,
1061 Nicosia

or to the following email address:

The Customer's personal information may be used for electronic commercial prospecting purposes by V-Veil-Shop Ltd. or by our partners, provided that we have obtained the prior and express consent of the Customer given by selecting the appropriate cases on the Customer's identification form.



14 - Intellectual property


The content of this website is the property of V-Veil-Shop Ltd. and of our partners, and is protected under the French and international laws on intellectual property.

Any reproduction of this content - either partial or in whole - is strictly forbidden and is likely to constitute an offense of infringement of copyright.

Furthermore, V-Veil-Shop Ltd. remains the owner of all the intellectual property rights of inventions, studies, drawings, models, prototypes, etc. in relation with the Products. The Customer shall thus refrain from reproducing or exploiting such inventions, studies, drawings, models and prototypes, etc.



15 - Partial enforceability

If one or several provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are deemed or found invalid pursuant to a law, a regulation or based on a judgment of a competent court, the remainder of the provisions shall remain in full force and effect. oi, d'un règlement ou à la suite d'une décision passée en force de chose jugée d'une juridiction compétente, les autres stipulations garderont toute leur force et leur portée.


16 - Entire agreement

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the overview of the order forwarded to the Customer form one single contract and represent the entirety of the contractual relations between the Parties.


17 - Disputes - Governing law


In case of disputes, an amiable solution shall be sought by the Parties. If such amiable solution cannot be reached within 3 months, all disputes that may arise from this agreement, in respect to its validity, interpretation, performance, termination, consequences and effects shall be submitted for settlement before the competent courts under the conditions laid down by the common law.

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale and transactions are governed by the Cypriot law.


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