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  • Abstract:
  • Consumer Test
  • On 174 Soft-capsule + Applicator with anti-leakage veil





The DERMSCAN Laboratory, accredited by the French Ministry of Health, has performed this test on 174 applications of ovules prescribed by a gynaecologist and associating in 50% of the cases the anti-leakage veil (V-Veil-UP).

The questionnaire made it possible to emphasise two very important aspects:

  1. The ovules leak and really cause discomfort to users.
  2. The anti-leakage veil associated with an ovule fulfils its function and satisfies the users.


Under these study conditions, product "V-VEIL-UP" is well appreciated by the majority of the subjects because:veil_small


Results for Vaginal Soft Capsule only:

  • 85% of the subjects noticed ovule flow the next day,
  • 75% of the subjects found the ovule flows annoying,
  • 80% of the subjects found the volumes of the ovule flows very unpleasant.


Results for Vaginal Soft Capsule and the Intra-Vaginal Veil with its applicator:

  • 75% of the subjects felt cleaner with the anti-leakage veil,
  • 80% of the subjects found that the anti-leakage veil allowed to better comply with the ovule treatment,
  • 75% of the subjects was not bothered by the anti-leakage veil,
  • 85% of the subjects will be tempted to use the anti-leakage veil for not to be embarrassed during the day with fatty ovule flows,
  • 75% of the subjects, it is unthinkable to continue using ovules without an anti-leakage veil,
  • 90% of the subjects would recommend this new anti-leakage veil to their acquaintances.


The result is incontestable and will most certainly change the way of prescribing ovules.

We hope that, with these realistic and positive results, but that may still be challenged by those who are not willing to accept change, the comfort and effectiveness of the treatments with ovules will improve.

V-Veil-Shop management is proud of the progress it proposes and remains at the disposal of the pharmaceutical industry and of the media so that this applicator with anti-leakage veil be used by all the women.

The details and the complete file of the study can be downloaded from our site in section "Communications / Media - Press Room" or on request at

This consumer test was developed by V-Veil-Shop Limited and performed by DERMSCAN, accredited by the French Ministry of Health. The DERMSCAN Laboratory of Lyon, France is ISO 9001: 2008 certified.



The full study will be published in the French journal Genesis in December 2016 under the control of Doctor Jean-Marc Bohbot.
(Infectiologist and Andrologist at the Fournier Institute in Paris, France)


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